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All documents listed below were published by Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) and are in PDF format.Based on the Council of Ministers resolution no. (181) issued on 18/6/2007, that gave SFDA the right to issue regulations for medical devices registration rules and procedures, the SFDA issued a medical devices interim regulation, which was adopted by SFDA board of director’s decision no. (1-8-1429) issued on 27/12/2008. This regulation will apply until the medical devices comprehensive law is approved.

Major Regulations

Document Language Number Published
Medical Devices Interim Regulation en 4/16/1439 12/2017
National Provisions and Requirements for Medical Devices en SA-001 10/2018

Specific Guidance Documents

Document Language Number Published
Barcode FAQ en FAQ 08/2015
Guidance for Local Manufacturers en MDS – G2 01/2013
Guidance for Medical Device Authorised Representatives en MDS – G3 01/2013
Guidance for Medical Devices Importers and Distributors en MDS – G1 01/2013
Guidance for Overseas Manufacturers en MDS – G4 01/2013
Guidance on Marketing Authorization Procedures en MDS – G5 01/2013
Guidance on Medical Devices Bundling/Grouping Criteria en MDS – G7 06/2018
Guidance on Post-Marketing Surveilance en MDS – G6 04/2009
Implementing Rule On Licensing Of Authorized Representatives en MDS – IR5 v4 07/2018
Implementing Rule On Marketing Authorization en MDS – IR 6 v4 07/2018
Implementing Rule On Post-Marketing Surveillance en MDS – IR 7 v2 07/2018
Implementing Rule on Designation and Oversight of Conformity Assessment Bodies en MDS – IR1 v2 01/2010
Implementing Rule on Establishment Licensing en MDS – IR4 v5 07/2018
Implementing Rule on Establishment Registration en MDS – IR2 v4 07/2018
Implementing Rule on Medical Devices Listing en MDS – IR3 v5 07/2018
Implementing Rule on Safeguard Procedures en MDS-IR8 v2 07/2018

Additional Information

Document Language Number Published
Authorised Representative application fees and review times en MDS – AN005 12/2010
Establishment licensing application fees and review times en MDS – AN006 12/2010
Marketing Authorization application fees and review times en 2/13/MDS-AN012 03/2019

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